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        Supply Chain Management
        ITG Solutions
        As a trusted global industrial partner, Xiamen ITG Group has enabled industry and society with "Driving Force" in three dimensions –integration, togetherness, and growth. Based on eight service pillars, we provide horizontally integrated and bespoke services and enable vertical integration across the supply chain to co-develop a shared ecology with partners and foster communal values. Integration, Togetherness and Growth are the lTG Solutions and the "3 Driving Forces" of Xiamen ITG Group leading to good vision for all.
        3 Driving Forces
        6 Fundamental Effects
        Diverse Integration
        Spanning diverse businesses, industries and resources to provide professional solutions with a "Customer First" mindset
        Flexible Customization
        Respond with agility to market changes, provide flexible solutions, and create more space and time for partners
        Industry Involvement
        Vertically penetrate the industry to provide efficient supply chain solutions, and pool resoures, channels, and capabilities at a larger scale
        Profound Empowerment
        Share responsibilities and progress, as well as resources and values with clients in the industry to support industrial development and improvement
        Multi-perspective Innovation
        Daring to create new ideas in a disruptive way to connect and coordinate multiple dimensions, and create network opportunities for partners
        Sustainable Coexistence
        Adhering to long-termism and establishing a partnership built on mutual trust, prosperity and coexistence
        8 Basic Services
        Price Management
        Logistics Services
        Financial Services
        Market Research and Analysis
        Industrial Upgrading
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