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        Xiamen ITG Group takes the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as its action guidelines and continuously promotes the Company’s sustainable performance in the environment, society, and corporate governance. Since 2008, the Company has published its Social Responsibility Report for 13 consecutive years and, for the past two years, has also released an English and Chinese version of its Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) report, proactively disclosing the Company’s achievements in areas such as environmental protection, social responsibility, and corporate governance. The Company’s ESG practices have been selected by the China Listed Companies Association as a "Case study for ESG practices of listed companies".

        Xiamen ITG Group insists on applying the concept of green development and achieving the goal of reaching carbon peak and achieving carbon neutrality. It did this by, on the one hand, expanding the volume of renewable businesses and reducing over 100,000m3 of timber felling and solid waste by more than 5 million tons. And on the other hand, it did this by being committed to innovating and exploring methods to achieve carbon neutrality in the supply chain by creating a "zero-carbon supply chain" with digital technology.

        The company developed "ITG ATLAS", which is an intelligent supply chain integrated service platform, and developed "ITG OCSMARTER", which is an intelligent energy and carbon management system, to develop green products & services and construct green industrial chains.

        The company is committed to developing green industries and circular economy. In the "Forest-Pulp-Paper" industry, Xiamen ITG Group’s sales of recycled paper exceeded 1.5 million tons, reducing the felling of around 25.5 million trees and protecting approximately 900 square kilometers of forest. In the Green Steel industry, the company’s scrap steel business volume reached 742,400 tons, reducing approximately 1.19 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions. The company’s "Green Supply Chain Management in the Steel Industry" project is shortlisted for "Clean and Fresh 2022 Green Practice Pioneer."

        Xiamen ITG Group was selected as a "Demonstration State-Owned Enterprises on Corporate Governance" by the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council. It has won the "Special Contribution Award for Corporate Governance" in the 17th "Golden Roundtable Award" of China Listed Companies Board of Directors, the "Best Board of Directors Award" of the "Tianma Award" for China Listed Companies Investor Relations, and the "Transcendence Awards of 2022·ESG Pioneer Award" granted by Cailian Press.

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